Coral Coast is powered by LiveNET!

Posted on Jun 24th 2016

When searching for an internet provider, right from the get go it became apparent that LiveNet was the company for us! Ragu's customer service coupled with his technical knowledge made for an easy decision. We at Coral Coast Clothing would HIGHLY recommend using LiveNet for all of your telecommunication needs. 

For more information visit or give them a call at (441) 400-5983.

Thanks again Team LiveNet for your great customer service and expertise! 

Ragu getting us up and running!

Private Clubs Magazine

Incredible! Thank you to Private Clubs Magazine for featuring Coral Coast Clothing alongside Michael Douglas! Elegant and Colourful is the way forward! 

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Behind the Brand

It may have taken several months in production but it was worth every second! The Final Cut of our 'Behind the Brand' movie looks absolutely stunning! Take a walk along Bermuda's Coral Coast and the inspiring scenery that comes around every corner! We are so lucky to live in this island paradise.

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The Bermudian Magazine

What an honour! To be featured in the Bermudian Magazine is something that means a lot to us! This classy, sophisticated publication is held in such a high regard that we are proud to be a part of. It has been a lot of work but creating the best shirts for men is something that can’t be taken lightly.

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The Royal Gazette

Incredible write-up in the Royal Gazette! It was awesome to be highlighted as the first article of the New Year, a positive start to 2015! The style guide for men was a great bonus to the piece! Fitted shirts for men are a very important feature to completing the perfect outfit!

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​BerNEWS (Reef Watch)

We love our beautiful Coral Coastline so much that we have chose Reef Watch as our primary charity! Every year we will do our best to raise the most money for such an energetic day in Bermuda. Last year was a huge success and this year will be even better!

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