Native to Bermuda, Sam and Adam grew up surrounded by coral reefs.  The delicate state of coral reefs around the world, has inspired them to help protect the valuable ecosystem.  



Coral Coast Clothing donates a portion of each and every sale to nonā€profit organizations in Bermuda who are dedicated to saving the reefs, including the Coral Reef Alliance (


Why are coral reef systems valuable?

Living coral reefs act as a self-healing, protective sea wall, which blocks storm waves from destroying the fragile limestone shoreline and the coastal infrastructure built along its edge. In addition, the island’s shallow water marine habitats also serve as an important barometer of global reef health.


Bermuda’s coral reefs are crucial to continued environmental protection and sustainable living on these shores. Industries including but not limited to, fishing, tourism, and education are at risk worldwide. It is essential that efforts are made to increase awareness and gain proponents to protect this ecosystem for future generations.


Sam and Adam want each of their customers to know they can all make a difference – and DO -  with each Coral Coast Clothing purchase.  


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CTA:  Coral Coast Clothing raised  $4,740 for Reefwatch.