Our Story

Our Story

Built upon the limestone rocks of Bermuda is a story about friendship and a steadfast passion for style…  Coral Coast Clothing. 


The Men Behind the Coral Coast Brand




Sam and Adam have been friends since childhood.   At the young age of 14, they were sent away to boarding school in Canada.  After high school at Trinity College, they both attended Queens University in Ontario, Canada. Profound memories of their early years, playing on the majestic island amongst turquoise waters and pink sandy beaches, brought them back to Bermuda upon graduation.


Their careers started in International Business, and more specifically the reinsurance industry. Passionate about dressing well, Sam and Adam were intrigued by the unique business dress code in Bermuda.  Buttonā€ups, polo shirts, and Bermuda shorts replaced the traditional business attire they’d experienced.  While they were delighted about the casual approach, they found the “accepted” attire to be humdrum to say the least.   With all of the beauty around the islands, the dress code that included khakis (a lot of khakis) seemed out of place.  Indeed, warm weather dictated a sensible approach to dressing – but there was a lack of individual style.  The two realized that they were missing out on fashionable options and quality garments that professionals in cooler climates were accustomed to wearing.


Their refined “dress to impress” philosophy drove Sam’s and Adam’s decision that comfort shouldn’t trump style.   They began discussing creative clothing alternatives for their island lifestyle.  Their education, business backgrounds, and polished sense of style were the perfect combination for their next stage of life.  The two resigned from their respective jobs and set out to develop their brainchild: Coral Coast Clothing.


Some insight from Sam and Adam


cc-logo.pngThe name comes natural to us.  Coral signifies our love for the reefs that surround the island. The coral reefs mean everything to Bermuda; they protect us. They are the first line of defense and last layer of beauty.


Coast signifies the stunning sprawling coastline of Bermuda. From the beautiful houses, blue ocean and pink beaches, colours are everywhere. The coast has inspired our nautical lifestyle and everything that comes with it.


Coral Coast Clothing, combines all of the characteristics that make up the Bermudian culture:  beauty, passion, casual sophistication.



The Coral Coast Clothing Logo


Bermuda Blue Angelfish

(Holacanthus bermudensis)


We were privileged to grow up on an island surrounded by beautiful ocean. Countless hours were spent around the coral reefs, which are heavily populated with the Bermuda Blue Angelfish. Triangular in shape, this fish resides primarily in tropical climates at depths of 5-25m. Known to be graceful, fearless and inquisitive, the Bermuda Blue Angelfish is universally recognized for its bright colors and patterns.

We literally share a back yard with these fish, and our admiration for them was the inspiration for our logo.  Through thoughtful design and development, our logo was created to honor the unity of a timeless lifestyle, attention to detail and subtle sophistication.  It only seemed right to name our noble representative, and we call him Wilfred.



The First Coral Coast Clothing Fine Men's Collection


‘The Opening Bowl’


Each garment in our “Opening Bowl” collection has been named using inspiration from local cricket lingo!

The sport, Cricket is deeply rooted in Bermudian culture. Cup Match, an annual classic tends to make the entire island come alive.  Colours are plentiful, worn with pride, and the Bermuda population celebrates!

This festive time of year was inspiration for “The Opening Bowl” collection.  Each shirt is named after a term of the sport that Bermudians so dearly love.