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Our name is a direct nod to the beautiful sprawling reefs that surround our little island home. The name captures our brands greatest attributes; a love of the the nautical lifestyle, resilient fabrics, fits and diverse palettes inspired by Bermuda.

Our logo, the Bermuda Angelfish, thrives in tropical climates, much like us. Known to be fearless, sleek and inquisitive, this colorful fish is recognized for its bright colors and patterns, hence the inspiration.


The Rock (Bermuda)

A place where rum is ever-flowing, where the sand is actually pink, and the ocean is crystal clear. A place full of pastels, where manners matter and Bermuda Shorts are a real thing. A place where everyone wants to end up, Bermuda is where we were Born.


Protect the Shores

At Coral Coast the oceans and their protection are everything to us. They are the catalyst to our entire brand inspiration (hence the ‘Coral’ and ‘Coast”) and it is our part to do all that we can to preserve them.

To protect our natural environment we have pledged to constantly highlight (Awareness) through our social media influence and products as well as (Giving Back) through various charities specific to our niche.


Sam & Adam

After quitting our jobs in the financial sector here in Bermuda, there was one product that we had in mind. It was the Dress Shirt. We had to wear them every day of our lives and found that no one had perfected it. While we loved the colors in one brand, the shirt wouldn’t fit or if the fit was perfect, the color scheme was too bland. We set out and produced our shirts to have an elegant (slightly different) color palette with the perfect fit through the body. While the dress shirt still remains our center piece for the brand we have expanded into Bermuda Shorts (naturally), Polos, Loafers, Ties and Swim Trunks. We focus on fit for every article we release while blending in the tastefully timeless colors of our island home.